Sony will additionally include its cordless, Bluetooth headset – the Xperia Ear Duo this spring. As the title suggests, these will be something more special than the others, and will be able to double-listen.

Thanks to Dual Listening technology, these handsets allow users to listen to their favorite music while listening to incoming notifications and sounds from their immediate surroundings. Sony also states that a spatial acoustic conductor was created within their Future Lab Programmer incubator. Thanks to it, the sounds generated behind the ear through the driver are directly transmitted to the ear.

If the whole thing did not turn out to be an uncontrolled noise, Sony’s Clear Phase audio technology will take care of intelligently adjusting the volume of the sound depending on the area you are in and the sounds in it. The end result is a crystal clear sound.

The Xperia Ear Duo headphones have built-in support for personal assistants Siri (iOS 10+) and Google Assistant (Android 5.0+). Also, headphones allow head movement control – you can answer incoming calls by nodding your head back and forth, or refuting them by shaking your head. According to the producers, the shift between the songs will also be possible by moving the head to the left or right.

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