A man-made robot named Erica could become the official first TV head of robotics history. Or television. This is not the first time that a robot has become part of some unusual profession, but this is still a completely human robot.

Erica is, therefore, one of those robots that are most similar to the real human being, and will soon become the head of news in Japan. Her designer, Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, believes that Erica has a “soul”. Erica should have her national debut in Japan this April. Dr. Ishiguro, head of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, is trying to put Eric on TV since it was created in 2014. Concrete details when exactly in April, and on which TV program, Erica should finally appear for now are still not known.

Dr. Ishiguro also added that she is “the most beautiful and most humorous autonomous android in the world”. But right now, Erica can not move her arms and legs and has only “20 degrees of freedom.” But he is able to determine where the sound comes from, he knows who he is talking to and he can watch people walking around the room. Her silicone skin and facial movements confirm that she resembles a person of blood and flesh.

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