The Church in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, organized a “mass wedding ceremony with weapons” – in this way, US armament supporters showed their readiness to use it in critical situations.

Hundreds of people gathered at a mass in the church called the “Reconciliation of World Peace and Unification”, and the priests called on believers to take part in the blessing of weapons in order to “show readiness to defend their families and faith.”

According to the American media, the faithful brought their AR-15 guns to the Mass – the same model that a former Florida school student recently killed 17 people.

Believers were invited to the ceremony of “wedding with guns”.

The Mass was organized in the village of Newfoundland. This event highlighted the gap between advocates and opponents of weapons carrying the United States.

The ceremony was held on the day the students returned to school in Florida for the first time after the massacre.

The Southern Legal Center for the poor accused the chief priest of this church of homophobia and genuine extremism.

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