Jewish societies are not content with the Polish Holocaust Law, which has just come into force, and claim they no longer feel safe in Poland.

The Holocaust Act punishes all who claim that Poland or its people “are responsible or have been actors in the Nazi crimes committed by the Third Guild” for which a prison sentence is envisaged.

Despite the great opposition from various parts of the world, the law comes into force, even though it has been sent to assess constitutionality. Waiting for a decision, however, does not delay its application.

The ruling Justice and Home Party argues that the law is necessary to stop the use of the term “Polish death camps” for the concentration camps that the Nazis established on Polish territory during the Second World War.

The Israelis believe that this measure is an attempt to hide the attacks of the Poles on the Jews during the German occupation and after the war.

Holocaust survivors have been protesting against the law in front of the Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv.

The Memorial Center “Yours” warns that the law could “bring the truth about the help the Germans received from some people during the Holocaust”.

However, this Jewish institution has confirmed that the term “Polish camps of death” is historically inaccurate and that camps were established in occupied Poland for the killing of Jews and other enemies of the Nazi regime.

Professor Dina Porat, the main historian of “Yours,” emphasizes that the Jews, unlike the Poles, were collectively under constant threat of extermination.

Porat states that a large part of the Polish population “gave away the Jews, steals their property and killed them, while the number of Jews acting as camp supervisors, cops or members of Jewish committees in the Gulf was small,” the Israeli media said.

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