Children who are struggling with long-lasting illnesses do not only have physical aches as the only challenge. The absence of a friend and absence from school is also a concern. This is why a school robot AV1 was created.

His task is to work in the classroom as the eyes, ears, and voice of children who can not be in school but can manage the robot from the sick bed.

Boy Elliot Smith recovers from brain tumors has got the chance to stay in touch with his friends for robots and to follow the lesson. It manages the robot with a laptop and so can listen to and talk. If he wished to ask the question, the teacher ignited the robot’s head to turn his attention away.

Schools themselves can also hire a robot or buy it for about 2.5 thousand euros. The AV1 Elliot Smith, whom other students called Bob, was paid for by donations and money-raising actions.

The appearance of the robot reminds of the garden dwarf and was created by the Norwegian organization No Isolation which was established to fight the problem of loneliness. Namely, across Europe, 370 young people aged eight to 20 use AV1, most of them in Scandinavia.

It all began with the founding of the No Isolation Karen Dolva Foundation ever since her nurse friend described her work as a very depressing child.

The effect of solitude on isolated children is recovering from something difficult. “They are locked and forgotten. When it is better to push them into the world with the assumption that they will be happy since they have been healed, “Dolva said.

CLIC Sargent Cancer Researchers found that nearly half of their parents said the diagnosis and treatment resulted in the removal of a child from peers.

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